“Panacea continually aspire to nurture individual specialists with collective expertise to maximise profits through sustainable innovation and best practice”

Jon Birchall, CEO, The Panacea Group

Making our Environment Cleaner through sound Business Sense

Why Choose Panacea?


We save energy, water and waste costs. We promote a business approach that offers a full turnkey of energy efficiency solutions to reduce customer energy costs, improve businesses bottom line and protect our environment.

All of our projects meet commercial viability scrutiny as we clearly demonstrate the wider scope life cycle cost considerations. The outcome being increased profitability and a positive environmental impacts on carbon, clean air, waste directives and legislation

Our offering includes a unique service proposition that combines technical knowledge, funding, design and implementation to deliver bespoke client solutions.


A Different Approach 

Panacea have distinct expertise from Carbon Specialist , Engineers to Financiers in conjunction with Strategic Partners within Renewable and Commodity Recovery sectors. Effectively a Circular Economy Team of individual skill sets and contractors within specific sectors.



Tailored Funding Mechanisms 

In addition to the bespoke technical solutions we have spent several years designing and developing funding mechanisms that present both on and off balance sheet considerations.

An Informed Perspective

An Informed Perspective  

Joining the Dots for Sustainable Efficiency

Joining the Dots for Sustainable Efficiency 

Financing Green Initiatives

Financing Green Initiatives

Panacea Power

Panacea will help you to generate and harness Renewable Energy sources

Power Purchase Agreement [PPA]

  • Panacea own the Equipment and sell the Energy.

Energy Performance Contracts [EPC]

  • Panacea own the Equipment until the project returns pay for its acquisition.

Managed Energy Service Agreement  [MESA]

  • Panacea own the Equipment based on a Shared Savings Agreement.


Sustainability Does Not Have To Cost The Earth

Energy Efficiency

“We can help you reduce your energy consumption and associated carbon emissions, resulting in real financial benefit.”

Panacea offer a full compliment of Energy Efficiency product and services that range from Insulation, LED, Solar schemes through to very complexed Gas and Waste recovery programmes.

We offer a full turnkey solution from site facility audits, design proposals, project management incorporating planning, connectivity and post management services which includes remote access and control to ensure efficiency commitments are managed and maintained.

Additionally we have developed an in house software platform that offers a complete package from KPI reporting through to a complete management system that offers regular site audits and awareness sessions complimented if desired with a carbon roadmap strategy and implementation programme.

Energy Efficiency
Waste Efficiency

Waste Efficiency

In recent years Panacea have embarked on several initiatives that seek to generate commodity value from waste streams.

Our successful ventures have led to the introduction of Bio Gen Energy plants, enabling the user to produce off grid during high peak production times, whilst expand the programme by means of harnessing energy. Further projects are in plan as a consequence.

Panacea promote modular waste to energy systems in industry and hospitals that seek to offer alternative utilisation of contaminated and as a consequence extremely hazardous plastic waste streams.


Clean Air 

Panacea have recently won an award and subsequent Government grant to develop a retrofit technology that significantly reduces Particulate Matter into the atmosphere.

With the UK government support Panacea are seeking Industry approvals in readiness to launch to the legacy engine sectors worldwide.

PM2020 will reduce air pollution and assist in the transition to cleaner engines and electric vehicles.

Clean and dirty air over a big city

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Secure Funding for Your Net-Zero Pathway

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