Building Energy Management Systems – Maximising Utilisation

We are passionate about helping organisations reduce energy use and carbon emissions.

Panacea have the skills supported by Energy Audit, Metering and Management platforms that challenge established conventions and use innovation along with an original approach to design and implement solutions that deliver outcomes which are realistic, pragmatic but above all, valuable.

We work by inspiring people, optimising technology and liaising with other service providers to deliver real savings in a market which increasingly demands more from less.

We have a proven track record of delivering satisfaction and efficiency in many key areas including local authorities, education, blue light services, heritage and ecclesiastical buildings and commercial office and retail.

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3. Monitor Efficiencies

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Control Optimisation.


Optimising the settings and strategy of a building controls system can often be the quickest and most cost effective way to reduce energy wastage.
“In many cases you can make 15-20% savings straight away by adjusting the settings and bringing them in to alignment with the requirements of users within the building.”

Panacea can optimise and ‘tune up’ whatever control arrangements you have in place to deliver valuable energy savings quickly and cost effectively. Paybacks on this action are usually as short as 6 to 8 weeks making this a highly cost effective energy management measure.

Panacea has the experience and detailed technical knowledge to work with the full range for control systems in the market. This could range from full BMS systems such as TREND or Siemens, stand-alone controllers such as DC1100’s or the RVL series as well as those small local devices which are often forgotten about such as PIR sensors, local time clocks and the like.
For the BMS systems Panacea can work with the existing maintenance contract and deliver the savings by using them through the existing contract arrangements and structure this in such a way that they will be able to continue to maintain and deliver further savings in the future. IE can also bring in approve system house engineers for all the major BMS systems and use them to work with the existing strategies to deliver the savings. Panacea adopt a post management service that enables remote energy control supported by a Site Project Manager.

Furthermore Panacea go beyond Management and Control by seeking to integrate self generation technologies and consequent energy aggregation initiatives that ensures every kWh produced is maximised during peak usage for the fiscal benefit of our clients.

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