Carbon Consultancy

carbon consultancy

Panacea’s approach to support and guide organisations in designing and delivering decarbonisation programmes is based upon three key main principles:

1. Assess capability
2. Assess complexity
3. Align to Success.

To create and deliver a successful net-zero strategy, it needs to be tailored to the specific characteristics of an organisation. It is important to understand the complexity and requirements of the challenges and the delivery capability of the organisation. Alignment between these can then pave the way for creating the delivery mechanism that the client organisation needs for success.


Net Zero Carbon Consultancy – How it Works

Our approach is comprehensive to ensure that a sustainable decarbonisation programme at all levels of the organisation can be delivered. Based on our experience of leading carbon reduction programmes, we have developed a framework to provide assistance in addressing the most common gaps between decarbonisation programmes Complexities and organisation existing Capabilities:

The framework generates a Roadmap that walks organisations through the key considerations for a successful Net Zero carbon strategy. The Roadmap has a suite of tools and guidance (legal, technical and financial) that helps organisations to better understand:
Maturity levels for all operational aspects (asset management, energy management, risk management, data and information management, information systems, costs management…etc).
Where and how complexity needs to be managed before moving into the delivery phase.
Existing vs. required level of delivery capability.
Implications of strategic decisions and how to apply best practice and innovations from the market place
carbon roadmap


Approach – Delivery

In alignment with its own delivery services (i.e. project development, financing, Engineering procurement & Construction…etc), Panacea’s support and guidance offering is based on the following pillars:


To facilitate an improvement strategy towards “Industry Exemplar” for decarbonisation. The roadmap is based on tailored Phases. Each phase is validated by achievements milestones.



To ensure a sustainable delivery of the strategy and Roadmap integrating organisations’ operational and business continuity requirement and including business case endorsement for all phases of work.


and associated professional services for carbon reduction technologies and productivity improvements.




to convert a successful Net Zero Carbon Strategy into reputational/brand enhancement for organisations within their respective sectors.



Our innovation

­Our net zero carbon monitoring platform builds upon our Building Management and Energy Management Platforms. It provides remote access of the emissions at various levels (parent organisation, country, business division, subsidiary, sites and buildings) within the organisations to allow you to effectively track, manage and report your progress and achievements.



carbon reporting system

Estimated tons of carbon saved per day

Estimated tons of carbon savings yearly

Estimated tons of carbon savings to date

Accreditation Bodies


UK net zero target

In June 2019, parliament passed legislation requiring the government to reduce the UK’s net emissions of greenhouse gases by 100% relative to 1990 levels by 2050.


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