Delivering Net-zero Carbon Solutions Through Innovative Asset Funding.

We work in partnership with your housing association to ensure the well-being of your tenants and their environment.


  • Panacea has a proven pedigree in delivering energy efficiency solutions within the built environment.
  • We partner with world class product and service providers in order to deliver a tailored funding solution.

Partnership with Panacea and their strategic Network can fast track compliance and decarbonisation.

  • Offer private funding solutions supporting Government green housing public investment announcement
  • Finance team has significant experience delivering high value finance in the social housing sector
  • Innovative private funding solutions accelerate EPC compliance of non-compliant housing stock
  • Our team work very closely with housing associations to maximise EPC opportunities and deliver real value
  • Tailored finance solutions enable preservation of housing stock asset value
  • Achieve currently potentially “out of reach” 2025 & 2030 EPC compliance requirements by 2025 [ahead of time]

EPC compliance delivered across many more multiples of housing stock vs traditional EPC Housing Association compliance spending approach


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Energy Performance Agreement

Funded Projects based on proven green technologies. Panacea provide the business case that promotes both current and next generation innovation aligned with green subsidies and evolving legislation. Providing a total solution to promote step change to a more environmentally and sustainable future.


Power Purchase Agreement

Panacea provide the option to purchase renewable and clean energy. We invest in the technology to produce the power for you to utilise.

Mitigating Capital budgets and associated risks.

Targeting dilapidation elements whilst improve facility infrastructure. 

epc framework

Managed Service Agreement

We are experts in energy and carbon reduction.

Panacea offer long term service partnerships, supported by funded solutions that are incorporated within the energy facility management scheme.

Panacea undertake to demonstrate savings that secure any infrastructure investment.

How do I get


If you would like to discuss ways to improve your housing stock and the well-being and living standards of your tenants through innovative energy installation and flexible funding sources, please get in touch for an informal chat with our team today.


Panacea will work with you in achieving your NET ZERO targets

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