We offer a comprehensive Energy Efficiency service to the Healthcare sector, including the National Health Service and other Healthcare providers, Private Hospitals, Clinics, Surgeries Medical College’s and Universities including Student Accommodation.

We take great pride in assisting the Healthcare sector to reduce cost and expenditure, through fully funded Renewable and Waste to Energy Schemes. Utilising proven technologies that are underpinned by performance accreditation. We have dedicated energy specialists working on and adding value through next generation renewable technologies.

We pride ourselves in taking cost out and bringing value in.


  • We offer a complete condition and energy site survey to establish and identify costs inefficiency.
  • Furthermore prepare solid business cases aligned to clean energy solutions.
  • Awareness of new technologies that can be integrated into existing facilities and environments is the key to change.
  • The impacts of which present resounding business and carbon reduction benefits.



We have comprehensive software platforms that ensure that the site survey and auditing criteria are standardised.

Consequent project management programmes are implemented and managed through professionally qualified personnel.

Critical Performance measures are introduced, metered and managed remotely supported by regular site visits and reviews with the schools facility management teams.


Estimated tons of carbon saved per day

Estimated tons of carbon savings yearly

Estimated tons of carbon savings to date

Accreditation Bodies


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