Food Waste to Energy Innovation



Recycling Hot and Waste Water to reduce Heating Expenditure

Energy Efficiency Improvement Programmes

Battery Containers

Extravagance and Comfort come at a cost.

Cost that can be managed and controlled to provide customers the perfect accommodation.

Improving profitability through smart management will only serve to improve the customer experience.  

Panacea offer a complete turn key approach within the Hotel sector that seeks to incorporate whilst bring together  Energy, Water and Waste innovation.

We have a variety of solutions that range from controlled, waste water, heating, cooling and lighting systems, through to waste to energy, heat recovery, on site generation, energy harnessing.

Our aim is to mitigate unnecessary waste and cost which effectively improves and reduces  carbon emissions.


Estimated tons of carbon saved per day

Estimated tons of carbon savings yearly

Estimated tons of carbon savings to date

Accreditation Bodies


Government Announcement

Government to relax planning legislation to make it easier to construct large batteries to store renewable energy from solar and wind farms across the UK.


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