Delivering a Route to Net-Zero Carbon Through Innovative Asset Funding for UK Housing Providers and Public Buildings.

Panacea help fund and accelerate decarbonisation programmes through a compliance framework, to meet your carbon reduction targets read more about the framework here.

Our funding solution aids with improving EPC and SAP energy compliance targets set for 2025 & 2030, while significantly helping to accelerate decarbonisation programmes whilst limiting asset depreciation.

    Transition to Net-Zero Carbon with Panacea. 

    Panacea has a proven pedigree in delivering energy efficiency solutions within the built environment. We work with world class product and service providers in order to deliver a tailored funding solution for energy saving retrofit and new build programs, regeneration & greener infrastructure services.

    A partnership with Panacea will significantly improve SAP scores, raise the energy efficiency of EPC rated homes, help achieve your net-zero decarbonisation targets and provide a tangible hedge against on-going energy price increases, whilst improving the well-being of your customers and communities.

    The installed measures are fully funded by Panacea and systems can either be retrofitted or designed into a new build programme.


    Panacea Renewable Energy & Heat Solutions for UK Housing Providers.

    Panacea provide all the associated product and services to meet building compliance and your net-zero carbon objectives.

    We work with you to identify and implement strategic integrated renewable energy and heating solutions to improve your poorly performing housing and public building stock to:

    • Address ill health and fuel poverty
    • Provide an intelligent control system which interfaces with the grid, home appliances and heating

    We deliver Domestic Energy Measures Integration through:

    • Heat Pumps & Energy Efficiency (LED Lighting)
    • Solar PV & Battery Storage
    • V2G (Plug-in/Hybrid vehicles) Smart Grid Integration
    • Smart Home System
    • Innovative control system that manages the integration of heat pumps, solar PV, battery storage & V2G
    • Load management of appliances, lighting and heating systems to optimise energy usage and cost reduction
    • Demand Side Management – Income generation
    • Allowing energy to be used locally or sold to grid

    A Funded Insulation, Solar, Energy Storage Battery, Heat and Smart Home Solution
    with zero CAPEX cost


    Working to save both CAPEX and OPEX costs for housing providers, and up to 25% in energy and heating costs for customers

    Why Choose Panacea.

    The Panacea funding solution is an “off-balance sheet” proposition with no associated financial investment required from you. Systems can either be retrofitted or designed into existing new build programmes and will enable every home and public building to accrue significant energy savings, as we support you as you strive to achieve your ‘net-zero carbon’ targets.


    Net Zero Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

    Panacea have been a awarded a place on enFrame’s 1billlion framework for Schools, Academy Trust’s & Public Sector organisations that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and implement energy savings accross their estates. Find out more about the framework and the funding available.



    Q: How can we get more value out of our existing assets?
    A: There are a variety of ways that asset value improvements can be considered, which include but are not limited to: Building Compliance improves the building fabrics whilst addresses dilapidation issues. The potential to aggregate and develop Green energy generation could provide opportunities to implement competitive pricing. Additionally, improving the customers living environment provides welfare values, all of which are subject to bespoke stock condition surveys, the consequential findings and proposals.

    Q: How does the technology work?
    A: Solar PV and battery storage for home use explained:

    A typical solar PV system includes solar panels, an inverter, equipment to mount the panels on the properties roof, and a control system (software dashboard) that tracks electricity performance. The solar panels collect energy from the sun and turn it into electricity (DC), which is passed through an inverter and converted into a form (AC) that you can use to power homes.

    The majority of existing solar PV systems are connected to the electricity grid and when the panels are producing more electricity than the home needs, the excess is fed back into the power grid. Conversely, when the  home needs more electricity than the solar panels are producing, the customer can draw power from the electric grid. When a battery system is installed in conjunction with the solar panel system, we are able to store excess solar electricity for the customer instead of sending it back to the grid. Consequently, the solar PV system fitted on the roof will charge-up the battery system during the day in order to provide a cheaper, cleaner green energy source.

    Q: What are the benefits for Housing Providers?
    A: To introduce and expand renewable energy technologies on their properties to provide a managed and planned strategy to maximise net-zero programmes, improves energy security, provides energy compliant buildings, addresses fuel poverty and improves customer wellbeing.

    Q: What are the benefits for customers? 
    A: The technology Panacea will install will lead to reduced household energy consumption and lower energy costs. Our aim being to eliminate fuel poverty.

    Q: What services do you provide?
    A: Panacea offer a full suite of services that includes full stock condition surveys and reports underpinned by net-zero carbon specialist. Additionally a fully funded renewable product and service offering that enables Housing Providers to implement and meet their decarbonisation targets.

    Q: How do we maximise Building Efficiency? 
    A: Panacea would always advocate a fabric first approach prior to installing additional energy generating technologies. Our proposals will always be based on the individual properties and associated budgets.

    Q: How can Panacea support by means of Funding?
    A: We have a variety of funding instruments incorporated within the EPC Public Sector Framework, click here for more information


    Annual Fuel Poverty Statistics in England, 2020 (2018 data)

    In determining a household’s fuel poverty status three key drivers are taken into account:

    • Energy efficiency in low income housing
    • Energy prices for mainly low income households.
    • Incomes for low income households

    Panacea will work with you to achieve your NET ZERO targets

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