Beyond Low Carbon Heating Systems

Panacea offer a full suite of Low Carbon Heating solutions, from conventional Heat Pump technology to fully integrated commercial designs. Our Project Management Team offers support from site audits, proposals, design, service and installation, that is underpinned by post commissioning energy management considerations that include complimentary monitoring and metering Building and Energy Management Platforms of which can be remotely operated to ensure that energy and gas expenditure is managed and controlled whilst ensuring a comfortable environment is retained at all times.

sustainable profits through energy saving

Complimentary Services to Low Carbon Heating

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Panacea go beyond Low Carbon Heating solutions by seeking to consider all associated energy consumption and associated cost and carbon reduction, through the introduction of complimentary Renewable Technology and Technical Platforms.

We continually strive to bring new environmental and sustainable innovation technologies, underpinned through continual investment and the option of fully funded Power Purchase and Energy Performance schemes

A focussed and Managed Approach


To compliment our complete turn key approach we offer a complete three tier site survey on all energy, water and waste facility and operational cost.

Supported by specialist engineers , surveyors, designers that ensure that the client is provided with the most cost effective option considerations.

Panacea produce a project implementation plan to enable a fully informed client to consider and align costs and carbon reduction priorities.

Keeping Ahead of the Curve


Existing and pending legislation is driving both Public and Private businesses to embrace and adapt environmental initiatives and practices.

Compliance to these drivers is continually evolving whilst keeping pace with change can in many instances prove to be difficult.

Panacea are experts in taking organisations to exemplar standards to mitigate pending legislation through sound commercial initiatives and planning


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