We help academies and schools achieve their carbon ZERO targets.

Panacea’s energy experts work with you to develop and implement a structured approach to planning each step of your sustainable energy programme, helping you achieve your long-term carbon reduction goals.


Energy management has a vital role in reducing carbon emissions.  

By gaining visibility into your academy or school’s energy usage through insightful technology and Building Management Systems, you can use these insights to put in place actionable improvements to address your school’s goal to achieve net zero and carbon reduction, in line with your sustainability plans for improved energy efficiency and resilience.

Many schools are currently operating in ageing and inefficient energy estates, this leads to unnecessary wastage and costs. Through energy insight technology you can see clearly where you can make significant cost and consumption savings, significantly reducing your carbon footprint. 

Jon Birchall

Hear from our CEO on how Panacea is helping Schools work towards becoming NET Zero 

Ageing school buildings, and the consequent compliance regulations to provide safe and comfortable surrounding for our children’s educational fulfilment are one of many requirements for the school’s executives and management teams to consider.


Net zero: Future or Fantasy?

Net zero. A simple concept but the difficulty lies within delivery.

‘Net zero’ refers to achieving an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions removed from the atmosphere. Like a bath with the taps on, an approach to achieving this balance can either be to turn down the taps (the emissions) or to drain an equal amount down the plug (removals of emissions from the atmosphere, including storage for the emissions such as ‘carbon sinks’).

epc framework

Panacea is an approved supplier for a UK Government regulated EPC Framework

If you’re looking for a Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) Framework for your school, The Panacea Group are a quality-checked supplier of energy services for public sector bodies wishing to implement energy efficiency and local energy generation measures to their buildings or estate.

The Panacea Group’s fully funded programme has been invaluable in driving our academies energy efficiency and improving our operational performance, with the installation of state of the art technology and equipment we shall see the benefits of costs savings and energy efficiency for years to come. More than lowering our costs and improving facility performance, it has provided us a step towards our plan to go net zero, and reflects our vision to build a resilient and sustainable future for our community, pupils and the academies trust.

Raj Lall

Facilities Director, Aspirations Academy Trust


What are my funding options?

In recent months there has been a variety of announcements that seek to encourage schools to meet Zero Carbon targets by 2030, as a consequence, this will require further investment from the tight budgets already being stretched.

Panacea fully endorse and encourage the zero-carbon objective whilst recognising the potential conflicts of maintenance and aspirational expenditure. To this aim Panacea have developed a fully funded initiative that will support and accelerate the carbon programme whilst providing greater flexibility within the existing internal budgets to enable further works regarding infrastructure improvements.

How do I get


If you would like to discuss options for your school’s sustainability, and achieving your long-term energy efficiency goals, please get in touch for an informal chat with our team today and we can schedule a discovery session to discuss helping you accelerate your energy transition and reduce your carbon emissions.

Want to get started implementing your fully funded energy efficiency programme?


Net Zero Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

Panacea have been a awarded a place on enFrame’s 1billlion framework for Schools, Academy Trust’s & Public Sector organisations that wish to reduce their carbon footprint and implement energy savings accross their estates. Find out more about the framework and the funding available.



Q: Do the initial surveys commit the schools to the programme?
A: No the initial survey is a preliminary commitment by Panacea to ascertain a detailed understanding of the facilities identified.

Q: Do the initial site audits cost the schools?
A: No the site audits are integral in the delivery of an accurate strategic programme proposition.

Q: How do we maintain confidentiality?
A: Formal mutual Non-Disclosure Documentation commitments are conditional to the programme.

Q: Is funding optional?
A: Yes funding is an optional consideration

Q: Are Panacea on a Public Sector framework to provide the Product and Services offered?
A: Yes Panacea are on the Energy Performance Framework.

Q: Can the schools utilise incumbent contractors already in place?
A: Yes subject to them being appropriately accredited and commercially viable.

Q: Do Panacea have references and case studies on previous works carried out within the Educational Sector?
A: Yes full detailed references and case studies are available upon request.

Q: Can refurbishment and dilapidation compliance works be incorporated within the proposal?
A: Yes this is often the case, particularly on older architype or previous works undertaken.

Panacea will work with you in achieving your NET ZERO targets

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