Hear from our CEO on how Panacea is helping Schools work towards becoming NET Zero

Ageing school buildings, and the consequent compliance regulations to provide safe and comfortable surroundings for our children’s educational fulfilment are one of many requirements for the school’s executives and management teams to consider.      

As parents we all expect the best, despite the unforeseen difficulties and choices that need to be made in maintaining and meeting future facility aspirations.

The public purse can only stretch so far, in supporting schools, culminating in limited annual budgets that need to be shared and managed appropriately across the estate.

There has always been a dichotomy around balancing budgets available pertaining to building maintenance requirements and capital expenditure programmes.  

In recent months there has been a variety of announcements that seek to encourage schools to meet Zero Carbon targets by 2030, as a consequence, this will require further investment from the tight budgets already being stretched.

Panacea fully endorse and encourage the zero-carbon objective whilst recognising the potential conflicts of maintenance and aspirational expenditure. To this aim Panacea have developed an initiative that will support and accelerate the carbon programme whilst providing greater flexibility within the existing internal budgets, to enable further works regarding infrastructure improvements.

Furthermore Panacea have been providing proven and robust energy and facility solutions within the private sector for several years, that enable the implementation and alignment of  green and renewable energy technologies, with building dilapidation and compliance priorities, whilst significantly supporting their carbon improvement objectives and targets set.

In 2018 Panacea embarked on a programme to enlighten Educational Facility Teams by means of replicating our proven successes and models endorsed within the Private Sector.

As a consequence we have  successfully delivered a comprehensive programme of energy saving and building improvement initiatives to an Academy Trust portfolio of 12 schools, culminating with an invite onto a Public Sector Framework that seeks to replicate the successes achieved within the Trust.  

We are extremely keen to share knowledge and awareness of the technical solutions and smart energy management systems that will help in the delivery of zero carbon schools of the future, whilst maximise budget with the hope to enlighten teachers and pupils through curricular activities.

Jon Birchall

Chief Executive Officer
The Panacea Group

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