The PM’s Ten Point Plan, what does this mean for businesses?

The announcement of a Ten Point Plant for a Green industrial Revolution from the PM[1] has certainly caused quite a spark of excitement. This plan outlines ten elements from Clean Energy to Transport, that has the potential to generate 250,000 jobs and accelerate the transition to a net zero economy. Although relieving to receive this news after such unprecedented times, what does this mean for businesses?  

 This Ten Point Plant is a promising start; however, a much more detailed policy framework is necessary to aid the roll out of the initiatives concerned. In addition, it is imperative to receive further clarity within the different sectors to ‘build back better’. This will also inform businesses on the decisions and actions necessary to shift towards a greener economy. Whilst there is a long road ahead of us, government support is very welcome and encouraging, and a key player in achieving net zero by 2050.

 Panacea offering includes financial incentives and support that compliments the government’s aspirations towards a Green Industrial Revolution. This includes a full turnkey of energy services to reduce customer energy costs and improve their bottom line. Panacea has launched campaigns within Industry and Education to champion sustainability, encourage awareness and deliver solutions towards the Green Agenda. In order to achieve the net zero carbon objectives, a collaborative and holistic approach is needed, which Panacea welcomes.

 Key takeaways

  • Ambitious plans were outlined in the Ten Point Plan, however a more directed approach and or roadmap should be implemented to execute this
  • Collaboration and an interdisciplinary approach are necessary to achieve our net zero targets

 What next?

  • How are you and your business implementing sustainability in line with the Ten Point Plan?

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