Integrating Environmental Technology into Smart City Aspiration

Smart cities continue to grow and expand all around the world. Technology,Security, Infrastructure aligned to Social Values are all integral elements in meeting the ultimate aspiration ensuring a safe , clean and prosperous sustainable environment for current and future generations.


Panacea areas of expertise focusses on Circular Economy and Closed Loop mantra , seeking to offer Technologies incorporating all associated services within Waste to Energy , Renewable Generation, Particulate reduction, Clean Air and Carbon Reduction, all of which are inclusive to a Smart City infrastructure.

It is our responsibility to look after their future

Panacea and our partners believe that proven Public and Private sector modular systems and generic solutions can be incorporated within the infrastructure of a Smart City, having successfully delivered next generation environmental solutions within Schools , Hospitals, Sheltered Housing, Waste Water Treatment plants, Residential properties, Transport , Airports and Rail Networks.

Our model is to connect and expand generic solutions into towns and cities as an integral element that ensures a sustainable environmental and economic future

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Panacea – Smart City Technologies

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Panacea provide fully funded technical solutions that offer Waste to Energy, Renewable Generation & Energy Storage whilst recently developed Pollution Reduction Technology through the Innovate UK Government backed scheme.


These modular generic solutions can be incorporated within specific facilities then expanded through successive milestone implementation programmes.


We offer a fully funded integrated programme of services that include Design , Delivery Project Management and Installation.

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Government Announcement

The Government Clean Air Strategy shows how we will tackle all sources of air pollution, making our air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy.

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