Beyond Solar

Panacea offer a full suite of Product, Services that go beyond the traditional offering of Design and Installation. Our aim is to ensure that the energy generated is utilised to ensure  maximum cost and carbon reduction. This is achieved through intelligent and smart design which consider existing infrastructure and future facility plans. Providing our clients with flexible solution that can adapt to the future renewable energy landscape and associated legislation. The ability to monitor and measure energy performance of each individual panel to ensure performance is maintained through degradation PPM.


Complimented by Battery Storage and Energy Harnessing with integrated USB systems that enable Panacea’s Energy Aggregation Partners to support and guide clients regarding energy yield, providing  reassurance that every kilowatt of energy produced is being  utilised and maximised.  Where feasible and desired we have the ability to plan and integrate Electric Vehicle Charging units into all our design schemes, supported by a management team that offers peripheral services and advice regarding to planning and DNO connection applications,  All underpinned with the offer of a funding mechanism that provides  Power Purchase Agreements [PPA] and Energy Performance  schemes [EPC]  

Energy Harnessing

Battery Containers

Maximising Performance

Solar Performance Graphing

Panacea seek to ensure that post installation we introduce metering, monitoring and management that enables 24×7 performance measures. These measures are the catalyst in the development of maintenance planning which ensures maximum performance at all times.  

EV charging points


The increasing government incentives and associated legislative benefits to increase the demand and appetite of Electronic Vehicles presents the need to expand charging point infrastructure. Panacea recognise and support clean air and carbon reduction initiatives, whilst seek to bring together and offer complimentary technologies aligned to Solar programmes.    

On and Off Balance Sheet Funding Mechanisms


An alternative to Capital Expenditure commitments an alternative consideration to Capital Expenditure is a suite of funding mechanisms that offer both On and Off balance sheet options through the introduction of a funded scheme that offers clients with the option to procure energy through a Power Purchase Agreement [PPA] or Shared Savings contract by means of an  Energy Performance Contract [EPC]

Estimated tons of carbon saved per day

Estimated tons of carbon savings yearly

Estimated tons of carbon savings to date

Accreditation Bodies


Government Announcement

Government to relax planning legislation to make it easier to construct large batteries to store renewable energy from solar and wind farms across the UK.


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